Premier League Week 38 Roundup: Aston Villa, Everton Winners; Leicester, Leed United Relegated

The Premier League season’s last day does have a certain feel to it. Be it the generally untense viewing experience for fans or the tenseness of those who fear their team’s demise. Three of the remaining six fanbases were on the tip of their seats wherever that was because this time, 14 fanbases had nothing to worry about.

After Brighton and Manchester United’s performance in the middle of the week, it was verified that there had been no change in the top six. Newcastle United beat an already beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge to go up to third place in the top four, possibly hoping for an upset at Old Trafford.

Nothing changed, and going into the last matchday, the top four were still in place. Arsenal finished the season with a strong victory, while Manchester City was defeated by Brentford. They have dropped four points in their final two games, leaving all Gunners supporters to ponder if anything may have been different had their club not dropped crucial points in the final stretch.

The relegation battle was the only thing to look forward to after Manchester City’s coronation last Sunday at the Etihad. The outside race for the final European spot to play in the Conference League also piqued the interest of many spectators.

Any Tottenham supporter will tell you it’s a good thing their team didn’t make it to the dreadful third-tier European league and it’s good riddance. Brentford supporters would have dreamed of it, but Aston Villa will experience it firsthand as they qualify for the Conference League after an exceptional campaign under Unai Emery.

Many people may be surprised that Tottenham placed outside of the European spots, but Spurs supporters are not. The team’s terrible performance is to blame for their colossal failure. The decline has been significant for this team, who finished in the top four the previous year.

However, the relegation battle was the center of attention, and there was plenty of drama at Goodison Park and the King Power. Leeds United appeared to have sealed their destiny against Tottenham in the second minute of the match when the scoreboard at Elland Road read 1-4.

Everton was, in all likelihood, the favorite to stay in the Premier League. They had to make sure they got at least a point and hope Leeds and Leicester struggled. In the end, the Foxes defeated West Ham after taking the lead. However, they did drop out of the Premier League.

Abdoulaye Doucoure, who scored the game winning goal against Bournemouth and kept the Toffees in the lead, is the new hero for Everton. The Frenchman has been their new ‘Richarlison,’ scoring numerous important goals in the final stretch to avoid relegation. However, that is not all he has contributed.

Having said that, Everton, Aston Villa, and Manchester United are the winners of this game week. Leeds United, Leicester City, and Tottenham (despite their victory) are listed under the losers category, while Chelsea receives a mention here in light of the season’s dreadful conclusion.

Aston Villa

Aston Villa didn’t consider the risk involved when selecting Steven Gerrard to succeed Dean Smith. The Liverpool icon, who had a modest half season under his belt and was feeling good about his accomplishments with Rangers, was in for a challenging first full season in the top division.

Internal issues, the removal of Tyrone Mings as captain, and a lack of tactical usage of the players all worked against Gerrard. It was a wise move on the part of Aston Villa to fire him and bring in the brilliant Unai Emery at the appropriate time.

Few people could have predicted how the Spaniard would completely change the team’s fortunes and lead Villa into the European League the following season. New managers frequently experience a bounce, but Emery made sure that performances remained consistent all the way through the season, which has its benefits.

It makes sense that he is one of the six finalists for manager of the year, and if he wins, it will be well-deserved. Emery returned to England with his reputation somewhat tainted as a result of his stint at Arsenal, despite the fact that he has built his career mostly on the UEFA Cup/Europa League.

However, there was a fantastic manager who was adept at getting the best performance out of his team. This Villa team is strategically sound, and each player is completely aware of their responsibilities. They were under pressure going into the last game because only a victory would secure their spot in the Conference League for the following year.

The victory against Brighton was well deserved because Emery made sure his team played to their strengths. He also triumphed in a crucial tactical conflict with his rival Roberto De Zerbi, who has had a fantastic season leading Brighton into the Europa League.


The post game pitch invasion generated a lot of media discussion. There was nothing to celebrate here because of yet another disappointing season, according to one section that said the fans were acting with entitlement by congregating here.

Since March, Doucoure has scored five goals for Everton this year. For the Toffees, their strikes were worth at least 8 points, which is a huge accomplishment in the area. Similar to Richarlison’s influence from the previous season, but with the race getting close, Doucoure’s goal gains in significance.

Everton supporters were only happy that their club had avoided relegation as the final whistle blew. In English football, there are frequently no barriers between the stands and the field. Such a display of glee is not, on the surface, unimaginable given that the supporters outnumber the officials.

Even if they managed to avoid relegation on the final day of the campaign, a team of Everton’s stature should not be in this situation, let alone involved in a relegation battle. They are a sizable club that may contend for a much higher rank. In retrospect, they require major board level surgery, after which they may begin cleaning up the rot in the other club sections.

Manchester United and Newcastle United

It was only a matter of selecting who would finish where since the top four positions were already decided well in advance of the final matchday. Following Newcastle’s draw with Leicester, Manchester United’s midweek victory over Chelsea propelled them back into third place.

On the last day, Newcastle overtook Chelsea and Fulham overtook Manchester United. The Red Devils triumphed in their match, while the Magpies could only manage a draw away at Chelsea, turning the tables. Erik ten Hag’s third-place finish was thus assured.

The Red Devils have had a successful season, especially given where they placed last year. Ten Hag’s major goal after joining the club was to provide Champions League football. He accomplished it, won the Carabao Cup, and had a chance to win the FA Cup before the season’s end.

Newcastle was perceived by everyone as a financial monster that would supplant everyone in their way and rise in the league. They are still one of the wealthiest teams, but they haven’t taken advantage of that.

There should be no exorbitant salaries for players or attempts to lure sought stars to St James Park. Instead, Eddie Howe and director Dan Ashworth did a great job of creating a great squad that proved their worth.

The odds favor Newcastle to keep up this pace in upcoming seasons and, at some point, fight for the Premier League championship. The Geordies are ecstatic to place in the top four and bring Champions League soccer to the northern region of England.

Their performances have been excellent, and their planning is greatly commendable. The future is promising, and the way their season ended has a great feeling about it. Although all eyes will now be on improving from this position, the Magpies’ future appears promising.

Relegated: Leeds United & Leicester City

Three seasons of Premier League play have passed for Leeds United, with the inaugural campaign under Marcelo Bielsa being the most noteworthy. They struggled under Jesse Marsch and the managers after the American after firing the Chilean last season.

Leeds imitated Watford by letting go of two managers and appointing relegation experts in the hopes that they would turn things around. As the Whites were expected to be relegated, Sam Allardyce received a hefty salary to manage for four games.

Leicester City still had a chance to make something happen even if nobody anticipated Leeds to win in the most unlikely of circumstances. They eventually failed, but only after a struggle. The Foxes’ midweek draw at Newcastle gave them a ton of optimism heading into the championship clash.

The victory may have come a little too late for them, but they also defeated West Ham at home. Knowing that this is the same Leicester club who won the Premier League in 2015/16 and the FA Cup a few seasons later is remarkable.

Amazingly, the club has the resources to bolster the roster throughout the past two transfer windows by bringing in quality players. While they didn’t achieve that, the club also didn’t succeed in replacing some of its important former stars, such Kasper Schmeichel.

Additionally, given that certain important stars are going to leave on a free transfer, their administration of player contracts may be improved. As James Maddison and Harvey Barnes permanently depart the club, there will undoubtedly be a clearing out of the squad.

Chelsea & Tottenham Hotspur

The London Giants were expected to compete at the highest level when the season began, but their decline has been rather dramatic, with the Blues spending ruthlessly and Spurs winning the summer transfer window.

Chelsea’s tale is even the more perplexing in light of the almost £600 million they spent on new players. With the exception of Enzo Fernandez, who joined the team at the end of January, no one else has made a major impression this year.

According to reports, they may need to spend another truckload of money to put their act together. Therefore, their chances have been questioned as a result of decisions, tactical acumen, and managerial hires. In retrospect, their ranking of 12th was well-deserved.

Things did appear to be brilliant on the north side of London at first, but as the season went on, they deteriorated into utter darkness. It was just a matter of time before Tottenham, under Antonio Conte, challenged for the Premier League championship after several media outlets proclaimed them the summer transfer window’s winners.

Tottenham placed eighth in the standings after Conte’s unexpected departure a short time ago. Even though there won’t be any European football in the upcoming season, many Spurs supporters are glad to completely dodge the dreadful Conference League.

Tottenham must undergo significant surgery, just like Chelsea, to remove the rot on all levels. Harry Kane, a star for his team, may leave in the summer as he will now concentrate on winning things in his otherwise successful and productive career.

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